Classic Course (CC)
The Classic Course is best described as the classic Outward Bound experience which focus on character building and effective team working. Participants from various backgrounds, culture and experience are put through real and varied challenges and situations. In the wilderness classroom, participants are taken beyond their comfort zones and have to be able to focus their energy on the essential elements of themselves, resources, their interaction with others and the task in hand.
Children Adventure Course (CAC)
The hands-on nature of the course gives an opportunity for children to participate in activities which encourages self confidence and independent work, communication and inter-personal skills and an appreciation of sharing and team needs. The mental, social and physical experiences are designed to encourage voluntary and positive responses.
Youth Adventure Course (YAC)
Adventure-based experiential education provides opportunities for hands-on learning and experience. An active participation in the programs activities will enable the individual to realize a greater potential, to discover and re-affirm positive skills and values.
Professional Development Program (PDP)
Tailor-made PDP programmes are conducted all year round to meet the specific needs of the clients. With many key functions within organisations depending on cohesive and productive working teams, Outward Bo individual.
Youth Challenge Course (YCC)
YOUTH CHALLENGE COURSE (YCC) is mainly catered for Form 5, Form 6 school leavers and Pre University students. An adventure based experiential learning experience which is fun, exciting, challenging and most of all educational.
Leadership Development Program (LDP)
This 10-day experience is specifically designed to enhance an individuals people and team leadership skills. The Program would provide opportunities to re-evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses and to promote self-confidence and self-esteem.
Team Development Program (TDP)
This compact 5 days open Course has been designed for busy working adults who are unable to be away for an extended period of time. Participants involve themselves in outdoor activities aimed at promoting and reinforcing the qualities required from an effective team person. The experience would highlight team spirit, team cohesiveness and people skills.
Pack 'n' Paddle (PnP)
'P n P' is a basic adventure awareness Program designed to expose children to the outdoors and its educational values.
Overseas Youth Program & Adventure Challenge Course
( OYP / ACC)
This is a specific course to bring youths from Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia to jointly experience an Outward Bound course. The participants will engage in challenging outdoor activities, cultural visits and community service projects.
Expeditionary Program (Expeditionary Program)
This XPDC is open to all youths & working adults who are fit and have basic knowledge in camping, paddling (Sg Perak Expedition) and mountain climbing (Mount Bubu Expedition). Minimum requirement – 15; Max – 30 pax. Can be tailored-made for company, college, association and school leavers. Places are limited.
Mt. Bubu Expedition (Mt. Bubu XPDC)
Mt. Bubu is situated at the Ulu Kenas Forest Reserve in Kuala Kangsar. Standing tall at 5437 ft facing the Titiwangsa range. One would need not only to challenge and manage themselves but also play an effective role as a team member.
Sg. Perak Expedition (Sg. Perak XPDC)
Being the 3rd longest river in Malaysia. Sg. Perak offers a variety of challenges and experience. Sections of the 200km stretch provides excellent avenues for diverse training and hands-on learning opportunities